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Redefining disability

I have been thinking the past few days about physical disability and its place in our society. I had the opportunity to attend the past weekend a conference on the current status of polio and its various eradication measures.

Open communication

It has always amazed me how people that are very close to each other, are even bonded with blood ties, drift apart for the most trivial reason simply because of a lack of open communication.

Failure to launch

Many of you might have watched the movie ‘failure to launch’ which tells the story of a full grown man well into his thirties who lives with his parents and is unwilling to move out and start his own life.

Science for impact

In the academic world there is a saying that pretty much defines the prime reason for being an academician. That saying is ‘publish or perish’.

Value of time

What price would you be willing to pay for an extra hour in your life? Would everyone be willing to pay the same price for time? I bet the answer is a bold No.

Fighting corruption

The arrests of several government officials for corruption have made the headlines in the past few weeks.

Holiday spirit

The Ethiopian New Year is coming up and I am loving the holiday spirit! Major holidays like New Year are periods that make one long for family and one’s native country.

War for peace?

Can war be the means to achieve peace? I have always wondered how violence can bring in peace to a nation. One need not be an expert in wars to realize their devastating physical, psychological and economic effects. You might say that war is necessary to fight enemies such as dictators, extremists and human right abusers. That might be true. It is only natural for human beings to consider retaliation in response to an attack. Who would respond to a slap by giving the other cheek instead of hitting back? Giving the other cheek is much easier when said than when done.

In search of passion

How does one find her or his passion in life? A seemingly simple question but one that I believe is not very easy to answer. At some point of our lives comes the moment at which we ask ourselves what we really would like to achieve in life.