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The blame game

Ah, the blame game! This is the game that most of us cannot help playing! The one thing that characterizes the blame game is its uselessness.

Cutting the chain of mistakes

Have you ever been in a situation in which you have found yourself making a series and series of mistakes in trying to cover or undo the original mistake?

So you think you can communicate?

Just like the dance competition TV show entitled ‘So you think you can dance?’, I think we should also have a communication competition show entitled ‘So you think you can communicate?’. Because having a good communication with people, is in my opinion, not as easy as it seems.

Is power addictive?

Sometimes, I wonder if having power is addictive on its own. Seeing that most African leaders have great difficulty passing down the baton of power to potential successors, I usually wonder what exactly these leaders see in power.


In one of my previous articles entitled ‘When I grow up’, I touched on the subject of child rearing and how it shapes our level of ambition and determination as we grow up.

Laws without enforcers

These days I hear a lot about how the number of car accidents in Ethiopia is increasing and is becoming one of the leading causes of death in the country. Honestly speaking, it does not surprise me much.

Serving others

A couple of weeks back, I participated in a retreat organized for our staff members outside of Addis. One of the aims of the retreat was to provide the opportunity to further strengthen the team spirit between work colleagues.

When drive meets opportunity

I have read somewhere that ‘Most rich people are rich because they were born into rich families. Most poor people are poor because they were born into poor families’. I agree with this statement. The one thing that being born in a rich family provides you is, I believe, opportunity.

The concept of marriage

In my younger ages I had a rather skeptic perception about marriage. Just the idea of two completely different individuals in terms of character and life backgrounds forming a union and living under the same roof was something that I found difficult to accept.