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So you think you know yourself?

People say a best friend is like a mirror. No matter what you would like yourself to look like, or no matter what you think you actually look like, a mirror never lies. It shows you exactly what you look like.

Free gift

They say that the most valuable things in life are free. From time, to the air we breathe and our loving families, we are given the most valuable but free things we cannot leave without.


People say ‘seeing is believing’. Although ‘blessed are those who believe without seeing’, this only applies in the context of religion.

New Addis Ababas

One of the things that amaze me about European towns and cities is their sameness in terms of development, aside from their sizes of course. One can experience the same quality of life anywhere in the countries.

Make-up like solutions

I have never been a make-up lover and doubt that I’ll ever be. Maybe some highlights here and there, but that is it. It is the unsustainability of it that I dislike the most.

Estranged to one another

The internal displacement of thousands of Ethiopians has been the headline of the local media recently. Thousands have been made to flee their homes and seek refuge in neighboring towns and cities.

Destroyed homes

One of the news that made the headlines and which got me thinking a bit about illegal settlements is the demolishing of illegally constructed houses in Legetafo, and more recently the screening of legally and illegally built houses in Sululta. As a human being and a person with a family of my own, I do truly feel bad for these people.

Good leadership

Is there one good way of leading people? Or should the method of leadership depend on the characteristics of the people being led? Although I am not an expert in the area of leadership, I have the feeling that the leadership style should depend on the characteristics and behaviors of the people that you lead.

Is it worth fighting for?

This is the question I usually ask myself when faced with a situation that pushes me for a fight but for which I finally decide not to fight because I convince myself that it is really not worth fighting for.