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The concept of marriage

In my younger ages I had a rather skeptic perception about marriage. Just the idea of two completely different individuals in terms of character and life backgrounds forming a union and living under the same roof was something that I found difficult to accept.

The self is where it all starts

My mother used to say that the self is where it all starts. This statement is close to the quote by Mahatma Gandhi which goes like ‘be the change you want to see in this world’.

Hidden agendas

Why do some people always think that there is a hidden agenda behind other people’s actions and words? This is something that got my mind worked up for quite sometime now. Some people are simply suspicious of others’ acts and words and never take things at face value.

The power of patience

I would not consider myself to be a patient person, but I know it is one quality I would like to have. Last week, I wrote about emotions and the set of regrets uncontrolled emotions bring with them. I believe patience has a lot to do with controlling your emotions. Because when you are emotional, you lose your patience and rush to regrettable decisions.

Calling for help

I am sure many of you have watched American movies in which people called 911 for help for whatever emergency situation they are facing. When it comes to the American 911, the one movie that always comes to my mind is the 2013 movie called ‘The Call’.


Have you ever been in a situation in which your emotions took the best of yourself? I am talking about those exciting emotions that make you jump head over heels or those emotions that make you ‘spit out fire’ out of anger and rage.

The question of identity and ownership

The question of identity and the question of ownership that are being raised boldly and repeatedly since the advent of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) got me wondering if this question should have been raised in the first place.

Women in leadership

It is recent news that the cabinet of the newly appointed Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed (PhD), now consists of 50 percent women. Now this is what I call the empowerment of women.

About assumptions

There is this one valuable lesson I have learned during the driving license training I took some time ago.