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Love wins

The developments we have been witnessing in the last few month in our nation is a living proof that love wins. Within the few months of his appointment, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) has been bringing changes that would have been considered to be nearly impossible before his appointment.

The moment of truth

There was this one TV show that I used to love watching called ‘Moment of Truth’. So in this show, competitors are asked questions about their personal lives and are supposed to answer them while wired to a lie detector.

Educating in local languages

It is often argued that children should learn at school in their maternal languages. This is also what is happening in this country particularly in public schools all around the country.


I have always liked direct people. When someone is direct with you, you can easily know the kind of person you are dealing with. For me, direct people say what they mean and mean what they say.

Fake is the new trend

The past few weeks were marked by wedding ceremonies all over the country. This period of the year (April and May in particular) are periods during which weddings traditionally take place.

Time management

One thing I have learned about time is that it does not have the same value and meaning to everyone and in every situation. Think about your busiest time for instance.

Begging for your rights, begging for favors

Have you ever felt that you always need to beg and lament to get things done? Whether the thing is your right or a favor you are asking from a person, somehow things don’t get done for you without begging.

Growing up locally

I recently attended a FAO workshop where the theme of discussion was the launching of an agro-processing incubation park in Ethiopia.