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Bridging the divide

In a discussion I had with a group of friends, the issue of ethnic divide was brought up and got me thinking a bit more about why some people are indifferent about their ethnic affiliation and why some give it so much importance.

Never say never - never judge

Have you ever found yourself in the exact situation - good or bad - that you thought would never happen to you? Sometimes I think that some things are simply meant to happen to others and not to me.

The issue of sustainability

It is more difficult to start something of value than to end it. It is even more difficult to sustain something of value than to start it. These are the observations I made from life’s experiences. You may also agree with me on that.

Love wins

The developments we have been witnessing in the last few month in our nation is a living proof that love wins. Within the few months of his appointment, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) has been bringing changes that would have been considered to be nearly impossible before his appointment.

The moment of truth

There was this one TV show that I used to love watching called ‘Moment of Truth’. So in this show, competitors are asked questions about their personal lives and are supposed to answer them while wired to a lie detector.

Educating in local languages

It is often argued that children should learn at school in their maternal languages. This is also what is happening in this country particularly in public schools all around the country.


I have always liked direct people. When someone is direct with you, you can easily know the kind of person you are dealing with. For me, direct people say what they mean and mean what they say.