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World Athletics Relays Silesia21 marks 100 days to go

A somersault, a handstand, a cartwheel and five pushups. That's how Lunani the giraffe, captain of the World Athletics Relays Silesia21 mascot relay, presented herself at a press conference today to mark the event’s 100 days to go landmark.

2020 review: middle and long distance

As this extraordinary year draws to a close, we look back at the key moments of 2020 in each area of the sport. The series continues today with a review of the middle- and long-distance action.

Eth-NADO bans two athletes

The Ethiopian National Anti-Doping Organization (ETH-NADO) banned two long distance runners from taking part in competitions for four to twelve years, due to tampering and doping.

NADO unveils article 12 sanctions

The Ethiopia National Anti-Doping Organization (ETH-NADO) announced a sanction which will be enforced on other sporting bodies. The ETH-NADO stated that the government has the authority to take additional disciplinary action under article 12.

Derartu elected to lead EAF

The Ethiopian Athletics Federation (EAF) elected Derartu Tulu as President.  Derartu served as the Federation’s interim President since 2018 before she was formally elected this week to lead it for the coming four years.