Thursday, March 30, 2023

Tag: Aircraft

Abyssinian Flight Services acquires three aircraft

Pilot training schools could generate significant foreign currency The charter flights service provider, Abyssinian Flight Services and Aviation Academy, has acquired three aircraft.


“Massive” cyber attack crashes African Union’s system

Cyber attackers prey on the African Union, resulting in...

What’s Ethiopia’s economy lacking?

The economist explains Ayele Gelan is a senior research economist...

New central bank’s governor reveals priorities to get economy back on feet

The newly appointed National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) governor,...

A home away from home

As Rastafari around the world join Ethiopia in commemorating the 1896 victory at the Battle of Adwa, the repatriated community in Shashemene received news that the government is now ready to begin the process of granting permanent residence to those with valid passports