Friday, December 2, 2022

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    Accident Investigation Bureau embarks on second phase of crash investigation

    The Ethiopian Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB) has embarked on the second phase of the accident investigation on the Ethiopian Airlines Boeing B737-8MAX jetliner that crashed on March 10 few minutes after takeoff.

    Boeing concedes after preliminary crash report

    The world’s largest aircraft manufacturer and Ethiopian Airlines long-term partner, Boeing, which has been facing backlash and a hit on its reputation and business throughout the world, has finally conceded and took responsibility for the most recent accident of B737 Max jet in Ethiopia that killed 157 people last month.

    Pilots of doomed ET plane qualified: report

    The preliminary report into the crash of Ethiopian Airlines operated Boeing 737 MAX 8 flight number ET 302 indicated that the pilots followed the proper procedures required by Boeing and the Federal Aviation Authority of the United States to control the doomed plane. The pilots, as well as, the plane had the proper certification, it was announced.

    Preliminary ET302 investigation report due for next week

    The Ministry of Transport on Thursday disclosed that the Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB) is undertaking analysis on the contents of the black box data of ET302 in accordance with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) aircraft accident investigation procedures.  

    Ethiopian refutes allegation against ET302 cockpit crew

    Ethiopian Airlines has refuted the news report published by the New York Times on Thursday claiming that the cockpit crew of the doomed flight ET302 did not take training on B737-8 MAX flight simulator.


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