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Joint session of two houses to postpone census

In a rare turn of events the joint session of two houses, the House of Peoples' Representatives (HPR) and the House of the Federation (HOF), is scheduled to convene on Monday April 30, 2018 to pass the decision to postpone the National Census.

Former census chief to run electoral board

The House of People’s representatives (HPR), on Wednesday, endorsed the nomination of Samiya Zekaria, former Director General of the Ethiopian Central Statistics Agency (CSA) for two decades before leaving her post in 2016 on an ambassadorial duty, to chair the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE).

Census postponement imminent

Following the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians as the result of the conflict along the borders of Oromia and Ethiopian Somali regional states, officials of the Central Statistical Agency (CSA) are proposing the postponement the Fourth National Housing and Population Census, to the next Ethiopian year, The Reporter has learnt.

Currency devaluation hikes census cost

Following the 15 percent devaluation in the purchasing power of the birr against the dollar, the Central Statistics Agency (CSA) was forced to adjust its payment to the suppliers of 180,000 tablets and 126,000 pieces of power banks by 144 million birr, this week.

CSA confident conflict, displacement will not affect census

The Central Statistical Agency (CSA) announced this week that the displacement of thousands of Ethiopians, as a result of the recent Somali-Oromia boarder conflict, will not affect the process of the upcoming Fourth National Housing and Population Census.