Wednesday, September 28, 2022

    Tag: Coronavirus

    7,000 businesses shuttered for price gauging, hoarding

    The Ministry of Trade and Industry said some 7,000 businesses have been shut-down. The businesses were found to be hoarding goods, mostly hygienic and sanitary products, and inflating prices on the back of the coronavirus outbreak.

    Over 1,600 businesses, drug stores shut-down for price hikes, hording

    Law enforcement taskforces established in Addis Ababa and regional states have stepped up in taking legal measures against businesses, who are allegedly engaged in raising prices as well as hording consumer goods and medical product supplies, following the first reported coronavirus cases.

    COVID-19 costs Ethiopian USD 190 mln

    Africa’s largest carrier, Ethiopian Airlines, has lost USD 190 million revenue in just two months’ time due to the flight disruptions in connection with the COVID-19 outbreak throughout the world.  

    Lack of quarantine facility detracts student’s repatriation from Wuhan

    The Ethiopian Embassy in China has written a letter to the Ethiopian Students Union in Wuhan, informing them of the fact that they cannot be evacuated and repatriated back to Ethiopia due to lack of capacity to quarantine them once brought home.

    Ethiopian Airlines continues China flights as others suspend

    As dozens of major airlines around the world cancel flights to China as a precaution over the outbreak of coronavirus, Ethiopian Airlines has refused to follow suit. This comes as the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the virus as a “global health emergency.” 


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