Thursday, November 30, 2023

Tag: Dire Dawa

Protest engulfs Dire Dawa

The Federally administered Dire Dawa City has witnessed a week of protest and violence which expanded to most parts of the city towards end of the week, The Reporterhas learnt.

Assailants of deceased driver, injured journalists remain at large

Following the attack and subsequent passing away of Suleiman Ahmed – the driver of a team of journalists from Dire Dawa City Mass Media Agency – who was badly attacked by a mob of assailants, police investigations are yet to be conducted and suspects have not been arrested so far.

One of the victims in group of journalists attacked by mob passes away

Suleiman Ahmed, the driver in the team of journalists from Dire Dawa City Mass Media Agency, who were attacked by a group of youth...

House to grant amnesty

On its extra-ordinary session that is scheduled for today, the House of Peoples’ Representatives (HPR) is expected to approve a new bill which will provide for blanket amnesty for any person(s) accused of wide range of crimes such as outrage against the constitution, obstruction of the constitutional order, involvement in civil war, attack on the political and territorial integrity of the state, impairment of the defensive powers of the state, treason, provocation and preparation for violence, incitement of violence, contravention of the State of Emergency (SoE) and contravention of the terrorism Act among others.

Dire Dawa city administration to draft new master plan

The Dire Dawa City Administration is going to draft a new master plan for the old commercial town in eastern part of Ethiopia.