Sunday, May 26, 2024

Tag: EIC

Forefront Software launches software development business

Forefront Software Development PLC has been granted a license by the Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC) to start a software development business which targets orphans and vulnerable children within the nation.

Chinese corporate leaders strengthen ties, trade relations

A large delegation of Chinese corporate leaders from the Shandong region has visited Ethiopia this week. Headed by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade of Shandong Sub-Council, the delegates met with their counterparts in Ethiopia and held a Shandong Ethiopia Business Forum in the capital.

Huajian takes over Jimma Industry Park

The Chinese shoemaker Huajian Group has taken over the management and operational activities of the USD 61 million Jimma Industry Park.

MoLSA to push for livable wages in ind. parks

The newly amended Ethiopian labor law, which is initiated by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MoLSA) and currently under review by the parliamentary standing committee, is said to have incorporated provisions that would help protect the basic rights of workers in terms of safe working environment and decent and livable wages, at the time when global rights advocates are increasingly publicizing the so called “exploitative” wages paid to works at newly built industrial park structures.           

Ethiopian women awaits capital punishment, draws international attention

​​​​​​​Nazrawit Abera, the 27 year old Ethiopian citizen imprisoned in China and facing a possible death sentence over a drug offense is gaining the attention of leading and influential players within the Government of Ethiopia, as well as the international media.