Sunday, January 29, 2023

Tag: Ethio Telecom

Local assemblers, importers to register their mobile devices

In a bid to implement the newly introduced mobile devices registration system, Ethio telecom instructed local mobile assembles as well as importers to submit the necessary documents which will indicate the amount of mobile devices in the country, The Reporter learnt.

Ethio Telecom fights telecom fraud

-To disable 2.7 million counterfeit mobile phones The state-owned telecom monopoly, Ethio Telecom, is fighting a telecom fraud committed by individuals using illegally imported VSATs and other telecom gadgets that bypass the company’s satellite network.


Can further devaluation clear market distortion?

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Four Tigray cities need five billion birr to repair water infrastructure

3.2 million people face water shortage Up to five billion...

“Nation-building in Ethiopia is a work that has yet to start”

 In his current role, Eshetu Dessie (Amb) advises the...

Contextualizing Mamo Mihertu’s appointment

Mamo Mihretu was named governor of the National Bank...