Monday, May 20, 2024

Tag: Ethiopian Airlines

AIB drafts air accident investigation report

Ethiopian Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB) has drafted the preliminary accident investigation report on the Ethiopian Airlines B737-8 MAX aircraft that crashed on March 10, 2019.

Crashed ET plane captain alerted ATC about technical problem

The captain of the crashed Ethiopian Airlines plane, Boeing 737-8 Max, Yared Getachew (Cap.), had radioed the air traffic controllers at Bole International Airport and informed that he faced a problem.

Girma Wake, Tadesse Tilahun  join Ethiopian Airlines board

Former CEO of Ethiopian Airlines, Girma Wake, has joined the board of directors of Ethiopian Airlines Group as of last week.

Ethiopian declares strong performance amid turbulent times

Ethiopian Airlines on Thursday disclosed that it was on the right track to achieve all the development targets set in the Vision 2025, a 15-year growth roadmap launched in 2011 in spite of the turbulent time the global airline industry is navigating through.

Ethiopian management, crew members enter negotiation mode

The management and employees of Ethiopian Airlines are in a negotiation to settle a number of complaints with its dwindling crew members over pay and benefits. Among these complaints are being overworked and forced to purchase a technologically advanced device to help the airline go paper-less and become fully digitalized.