Thursday, February 22, 2024

Tag: FDI

Awash Winery launches USD 2 mln expansion project

The pioneer wine maker in Ethiopia, Awash Wine SC, has completed an expansion project it undertook at its wine plant in Addis Ababa at a cost of two million dollars.

Karuturi, Saudi Star et al labeled poor performers, less responsible investors

A development and environmental scholar, Atkyelesh G.M. Persson has found out that foreign large-scale firms engaged in the Ethiopian agricultural sector have failed to deliver on productions and argued that most of the companies studied have been found to meet the minimum standards of a “responsible investors”, The Reporter has learnt.

Chinese corporate leaders strengthen ties, trade relations

A large delegation of Chinese corporate leaders from the Shandong region has visited Ethiopia this week. Headed by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade of Shandong Sub-Council, the delegates met with their counterparts in Ethiopia and held a Shandong Ethiopia Business Forum in the capital.

Ayka Addis to fetch 2 bln birr in foreclosure

The ill-fated Ayka Addis Textile and Investment Group, a textile manufacturer which went bankrupt, is said to be foreclosed next month with close to two billion birr, in an effort to recover loans the manufacturer received from the embattled the Development Bank of Ethiopia (DBE). The company used to owe some 2.3 billion birr, The Reporter has learnt.

UAE investors eye Jimma Industrial Park complete takeover

The Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC) has made an announcement that individual investors are looking to buy the whole manufacturing sheds of an industrial park on lease terms.