Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Tag: Fertilizer

Int’l Firms ‘sabotage’ fertilizer supply: officials

The government blamed sabotage by international companies for fertilizer shortage and its price hike this year. Companies, mostly Egyptian, which participated in the bidding process,...

Gov’t resorts to using fertilizers for prioritized crops

With fertilizer in short supply, the government is resorting to prioritize its distribution based on crops' market value. By way of circumventing the problem, officials...

Scarcity of fertilizer supply forces diplomacy

The Government of Ethiopia is forced to deploy diplomacy as prices of fertilizer in the international market more than doubles, threatening Ethiopia’s foreign currency reserve. After repetitive international bids failed to fetch potential fertilizer suppliers, Ethiopian embassy in Russia is exerting efforts to directly access urea at factory prices, The Reporter has learnt.

Social unrest, COVID thwart USD 3.7 billion project

Social unrest and the Coronavirus pandemic block the construction of a USD 3.7 billion fertilizer production plant in Dire Dawa city, The Reporter has learnt.  

Gov’t reconsiders Yayu Fertilizer JV

A year after the government distanced the scandal-hit Metal and Engineering Corporation (MetEC) from the delayed construction of Yayu Fertilizer, three overseas companies have shown interest to resume the construction of the factory and commence with the production of fertilizer on a Joint Venture (JV) scheme.