Friday, December 1, 2023

Tag: Fuel

Less wheat, fuel subsidy distress food factories

Food complexes such as pasta and macaroni factories and millers are troubled by the scarcity and high price of wheat, coupled with the government’s...

GPS scarcity casts shadow on fuel subsidy for Public Transporters

The shortage of GPS devices that have fuel sensors is feared will be an obstacle for the price discrimination that is going to be...

Soaring fuel price necessitates formation of new team

 Fuel import bill might surge by 50% The National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) is under preparation to conduct a study on the implications of international...

Tankers with 155,000 liters of fuel waiting for green light at Semera: UN

Four tankers carrying more than 155,000 liters of fuel are still awaiting approval in Semera, Afar Regional State, UN OCHA says.

Fuel contraband forces new strategy

In a bid to reduce fuel smuggled from Ethiopia to neighboring countries, the Ethiopian government is devising a new fuel supply strategy, which mandates quota based fuel distribution to regional states. Regional states have already embarked on studying the number of residents and fuel demands in each city and towns in their respective regions.