Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Tag: Gas

Forex crunch stirs lubricants shortage

A critical shortage of motor oil and grease is enraging motorists in the country, it was learnt. 

Oil companies evacuate their personnel from Ethio-Somali region

Alarmed by the political and security turmoil that occurred in the Ethio-Somali Regional State last week, oil companies engaged in oil exploration projects in the region have evacuated their staff to Addis Ababa, it was learnt.

Singaporean company in talks with Poly-GCL for supply of offshore natural gas terminal

The Singaporean ship builder, Sembcorp Marine, is in talks with Poly-GCL, the Chinese company which recently discovered oil and gas finds in Ethiopia, for the provision of an offshore natural gas processing terminal to be moored at the Port of Djibouti and connected to the natural gas transportation pipeline extending from the Calub and Hilala gas fields in the Ogaden basin of the Ethio-Somali Regional State.

Oil gushes forth

After 70 years of relentless quest for oil in the Ogaden basin Ethiopia for the first time began producing a light crude oil from Hilala gas field on a trial basis.

EPSE plans to build 160 gas stations

In a bid to alleviate shortage of fuel stations in the country, the Ethiopian Petroleum Supply Enterprise (EPSE) is planning build 160 fuel stations across the nation.