Friday, March 31, 2023

Tag: Gondar

Strike in Gonder subside

Just two days after the declaration of the state of emergency, Gondar town, which is situated 725km north of Addis Ababa, was hit by a three-day stay-home strike which stayed up to February 21, 2018.


Teff prices skyrocket, farmers blame authorities, hoarding intensifies

Residents of Addis Ababa and other major Ethiopian cities...

Can further devaluation clear market distortion?

Last week, prior to traveling to the United States...

Khat exporters in trouble, $ 21 million export earnings lost

32 exporters accused of mishandling $21 million The licenses of...

Investment Commission commissioner resigns

At the helm for a mere six month after replacing the long-time commissioner, Fitsum Arega; the recently promoted commissioner of an institution that has become an important government agency in charge of luring foreign investment and changing the narrative of the nation, Belachew Mekuria (PhD) has cited family obligations as a reason for his resignation.