Friday, April 19, 2024

Tag: Housing

Bureau to begin registration to form association of home builders

The Addis Ababa Housing Development Bureau announced that it will start registering 20/80 and 40/60 registrants who are willing to save 70 percent of the price of the housing units and form associations of home builders as of next week.

Noah to inaugurate residential complex

Noah Real Estate PLC, one of the Capital’s growing upscale real-estate holding companies, is set to inaugurate its latest project and is set to hand over 200 properties to home buyers in the Gurdshola area tomorrow, where it has also completed villas in the area, near the headquarters of the Ethiopian Economics Association.

Gov’t revises selling price of condominium houses

The Ministry of Urban Development and Construction (MoUDC) revealed a twofold price increment for condominium housing schemes and reversed the earlier promise to award first, those house seekers who have deposited 100 percent payment for 40/60 housing schemes be scraped, and made eligible those who have managed to save 40 percent and above to be added to the lottery draw.

Tenants demand Housing Corporation to reconsider new rent tariff

Tenants of governmental houses in Addis Ababa requested the Federal Housing Corporation to revise the new house rent tariff it introduced recently.

Fresh list of shops up for auction

In its 15th round of auction, the Addis Ababa City Housing Agency made 1,050 shops available for interested buyers in various locations across the city, The Reporter has learnt.