Monday, April 15, 2024

Tag: Import

Ethiopia to ‘legally quit’ coal imports beginning next year

The government of Ethiopia gave a one year ultimatum to a group of local investors to substitute coal imports as Ethiopia continues to aspire to become self-sufficient in coal supply and demand by next year.

Mobile retailers stuck in supply quagmire

Retailers of mobile phones find themselves between a rock and a hard place after facing a critical shortage of supply due to the recent crackdown against informal traders via Bole International Airport.

Producers await permits to import oilseeds

Facing critical shortage of inputs, producers of edible oil are awaiting the government’s decision to import oilseeds from neighboring African countries without paying customs taxes.

 Excise tax hikes lead to fewer vehicle title certificates

In relation with the full enforcement of the excise tax law, the Federal Transport Authority has, for the first time in over a decades, issued fewer title certificates to new entrant vehicles to roll over the roads of the country, The Reporter has learnt.

Ethiopia resorts to Franco-Valuta for basic goods import

The Ethiopian government announced that basic goods importers would be allowed to use Franco-Valuta to ease the surging cost of living in the country.