Thursday, February 9, 2023

Tag: Opposition

NEBE investigating complaints

The National Election Board of Ethiopia confirmed receipt of numerous complaints following the national elections and announced it is investigating those that can potentially alter the results.

Experts call for coalition government

Political and legal experts called on political parties to form a coalition government in a bid to address the multifaceted problems of the country and keep national agendas on the table.

EZEMA accuses incumbent of disrupting pre-election process

The Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice a.k.a. EZEMA criticized the incumbent for irregularities that have materialized in the pre-election period such as voter and candidate registration, labeling the incumbent a major obstacle to a free and fair election.

ENAT accuses PP of voter manipulation

ENAT party accused the incumbent Prosperity Party (PP) of manipulation of voters and detention of members of the party without any legal procedure.

Opposition party unveils election manifesto, symbol

Freedom and Equality Party (FEP), a new entrant to Ethiopian politics with a moderate liberal ideology, has unveiled its election manifesto and symbol. The event was held in the presence of senior leaders of the party including chairman of the party Abulkadir Adem (PhD) on Friday, April 9, 2021.


Khat exporters in trouble, $ 21 million export earnings lost

32 exporters accused of mishandling $21 million The licenses of...

Damage to Galafi Route in Djibouti impedes logistics services

The activities of the Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Service...

A home away from home

As Rastafari around the world join Ethiopia in commemorating the 1896 victory at the Battle of Adwa, the repatriated community in Shashemene received news that the government is now ready to begin the process of granting permanent residence to those with valid passports

New central bank’s governor reveals priorities to get economy back on feet

The newly appointed National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) governor,...