Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Tag: Opposition

Enat party introduces a mix of ideologies

The newly established opposition party, Enat, introduced a mix of ideologies in its bid to restore Ethiopia’s former glory.

Opposition party condemns the killing of ethnic Amharas in Oromia

The All Ethiopian Unity Party (AEUP) condemned the recent killing of ethnic Amharas in Horou Goduru Zone in Oromia Regional State, pointing its fingers at the federal and regional government for the killings and destruction of property.

EZEMA accuses incumbent, Board of candidate registration irregularities

The Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice a.k.a. EZEMA announced that its candidates in Oromia region were unable to register for the upcoming election mainly due to the volatile security situation in the region, uncooperativeness of individuals tasked to register candidates and delays in opening registration offices in the region.

EZEMA points finger at gov’t for death of its member

The Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice party a.k.a. EZEMA accused the government of killing of its active member Girma Moges Legesse, a day before election campaign kicked-off.

NAMA, Balderas to form alliance against NEBE’s decision

The National Movement of Amhara (NAMA) and Balderas are looking for possible ways to form an alliance for the upcoming election, despite the decision of the National Electoral Board not to receive such requests now.