Thursday, February 2, 2023

Tag: Parliament

Gov. toughening law enforcement on higher taxpayers

New standing committee formed for solely overseeing tax As the first quarter of the current fiscal year ended, the government has begun toughening laws in its tax and revenue collection targeting financial shenanigans by first- and second-tier taxpayers.

Parliament considering banning foreign adoption

Standing committees added, restructured A new draft bill to amend the existing revised family code proposed the elimination of specific articles granting foreigners the right to adopt Ethiopian children.

Lawmakers discuss draft bills as Kimant referendum gets approval

During a busy first week of parliament, lawmakers discussed various draft bills, including the long-awaited urban planning proclamation.


Ethiopia demands termination of mandate for UN rights experts

Ethiopia called on the European Union to ‘take measures...

Explosive drones emerging threats for Ethiopia, Horn: IGAD

Al-Shabaab is acquiring UAV drones The deployment of improvised explosive...

A home away from home

As Rastafari around the world join Ethiopia in commemorating the 1896 victory at the Battle of Adwa, the repatriated community in Shashemene received news that the government is now ready to begin the process of granting permanent residence to those with valid passports

Chinese-funded road project in jeopardy, as debt restructuring delays

Financing for the project may come from government coffers The...