Friday, October 7, 2022

    Tag: Parliament

    Gov. toughening law enforcement on higher taxpayers

    New standing committee formed for solely overseeing tax As the first quarter of the current fiscal year ended, the government has begun toughening laws in its tax and revenue collection targeting financial shenanigans by first- and second-tier taxpayers.

    Parliament considering banning foreign adoption

    Standing committees added, restructured A new draft bill to amend the existing revised family code proposed the elimination of specific articles granting foreigners the right to adopt Ethiopian children.

    Lawmakers discuss draft bills as Kimant referendum gets approval

    During a busy first week of parliament, lawmakers discussed various draft bills, including the long-awaited urban planning proclamation.


    Women Returnees in Coke Kiosks Biz

    Aster Tesfaye is a returnee from Saudi Arabia and...

    Central Bank freezes accounts of 392 ‘currency dealers’

    The National Bank of Ethiopia ordered banks to freeze...

    Ethio telecom to face stiff competition as Safaricom launches service in Addis

      - Managers of Safaricom say there is no plan...

    To end war in North Ethiopia, AU schedules peace talks in South Africa

    - Ethiopia's gov't accepted the invitation   The African Union invites...