Friday, December 2, 2022

    Tag: Privatization

    Gov’t contemplates merger of public enterprises under a holding company

    The Government of Ethiopia, under the newly restructured Public Enterprises, Assets and Administration Agency (PEAAA), is weighing-up the possible merger of state-owned enterprises - that would not be privatized in a few years - to form a single entity and administered under a new management established as a holding company.

    Departure from developmental state

    Following it landmark decision to continue its long-severed budgetary support for the Government of Ethiopia (GoE) in tune of USD 1.2 billion, the World Bank Group (WBG) is very optimistic in what it called a “structural reform process” the administration of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) is embarking up on to the point where it is convinced that the intentions of the GoE with regards to some of the key service sectors like telecom and logistics is to implement a concrete liberalization and opening up measures.

    Lominat gets green light to acquire National Alcohol

    Lominat Beverages PLC has finally won the bid to acquire the state-owned National Alcohol and Liquor Factory (NALF), The Reporter has learnt.

    Orange plans to tap into Ethiopia’s telecom sector

    Orange SA, a French-based multinational telecom company, is planning to invest in the Ethiopian telecom sector, The Reporter has learnt.

    UK banks hope for piece of Ethiopian financial market 

    Several members of a high-level business delegation accompanying Prime Minister Theresa May to a number of African countries, including Kenya and South Africa have expressed the hope of integrating their expertise and services in the local banking industry.


    The business of aid

    Freedom is one of the fundamental rights accorded to humans. People should have the freedom to speak, act and think. But how does one acquire true freedom? I believe that behind freedom, there is power.

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