Friday, May 24, 2024

Tag: Real Estate

Noah to inaugurate residential complex

Noah Real Estate PLC, one of the Capital’s growing upscale real-estate holding companies, is set to inaugurate its latest project and is set to hand over 200 properties to home buyers in the Gurdshola area tomorrow, where it has also completed villas in the area, near the headquarters of the Ethiopian Economics Association.

CCECC plans to take-on real estate in Ethiopia, Africa

Engaged in major construction projects in Africa and Ethiopia, ranging from the development of industrial parks to the construction of airport facilities, China Civil Engineering and Construction Company (CCECC) has announced plans to engage in the real-estate sector in Ethiopia as well as other African countries to avert risks related to giant projects it is implementing in the continent.

Another real-estate controversy

Fearing foreclosure on properties they bought as far back as 14 year ago, dozens of people, clients of O–LOGO PLC, a real-estate company owned by an Ethiopian-Italian, are in desperate mode and are asking for government intervention as the company that sold them their properties lost a court battle at the Civil Bench of the Federal High Court, Lideta Division on Thursday, where he tried to transfer some of its debts to a new sister company, O-LOGO Construction.

Noah gears-up for mortgage-backed housing market

Noah Real-estate, one of the leading builders in the capital, is set to introduce landmark mortgage-backed housing units to buyers, it was learnt. The company is to team-up with two local banks that will in return offer mortgage loans for homes extended to a period of twenty years paid through a monthly instalment payment system.

Noah real estate to handover housing units

Noah Real Estate is to hand over 120 housing units to homebuyers which the company said was built with a total cost of 200 million birr.