Friday, April 19, 2024

Tag: Refugees

Humanitarian organization condemns unplanned repatriation

With the Government of Ethiopia yet to approve a new plan on how to repatriate internally displaced persons (IDPs) to their original homes and rehabilitates them; a new report by International Refugees – a humanitarian organization based in the US – disclosed the recent efforts by the government to repatriate (IDPs) was unplanned, lacking in coordination and was also involuntarily imposed on IDPs, The Reporter has learnt.

Ethiopian, Eritrean, Somali Americans perform in US mid-term elections

Despite making the issues of migrants and refugees drive a political wedge and divide in the United States by President Donald Trump; a slew of candidates with refugee backgrounds from East Africa region have won seats across the nation in the just concluded mid-term elections.

EU reports stark increase in refugees

Following the opening up of the borders between Ethiopia and Eritrea, close to 15,000 Eritreans have crossed into Ethiopia contributing to the existing refugee pressure in the country, EU said this week.

UN report counters erroneous migrants’ data

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has launched a report featuring migration which says that Africa has been perceived as a source of refugees and that it is hurting the continent’s positive images.

Germany extends 212 mln Euros in support to Ethiopia

A long awaited bilateral negotiation between Germany and Ethiopia concluded on Friday with the presence of high level delegations from both nations where Germany pledged a financial support worth 212.6 million Euros, including 87 million to be spent to support refugees coming to Ethiopia from neighboring nations.