Thursday, June 1, 2023

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Cabinet approves lifting of SoE

The Council of Ministers approved a draft law lifting of the State of Emergency in effect since February 16, 2018. According to Fitsum Arega, the...

Another conflict hits Moyale

Just two months after the killing of nine civilians, Moyale, a town along the Ethio-Kenyan border, is rocked by a second round of violence this week, claiming the lives of a significant number of people.

SoE inquiry board to investigate Moyale incident

The State of Emergency (SoE) inquiry board, which is headed by Tadesse Hordoffa, is set to travel to Moyale town, Borana Zone, Oromia Regional State, on Sunday to investigate case of mistaken killings, which, according to the Kenyan Red Cross, contributed to over 9,000 residents fleeing to northern Kenya, The Reporter has learnt.

SoE costs trade expo, travel cancellations

While the motion for high-level political meetings was in full gear during the week, business meetings were fading away as a trade expo and business travels got canceled.

SoE inquiry board starts monitoring command post operations

The State of Emergency inquiry Board has officially begun monitoring the operations of the command post in relation to human rights handling as of Thursday. This takes place week after the House of People’s Representatives (HPR) ratified the contentious state of emergency (SoE) decree at an extra-ordinary session.


Kenya’s GMO plans disrupted, but Ethiopia pushes forward with testing

The Kenyan government's move to import Genetically Modified Organisms...

Safaricom’s Ethiopian venture records loss, management eyes fresh capital

- It expects $257 million from IFC in equity...

Ethiopian $50m E-commerce to deliver global goods to African doorsteps

Ethiopian Airlines Group is set to launch a cutting-edge...

Tigray disarmament reaches “critical stage”, 85% heavy weapons surrendered

- AU team plans to visit Humera and western...