Friday, December 2, 2022

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    Poly-GCL awards USD 313 mln bid to Chinese company to commission gas fields

    The Chinese oil and gas company, Poly-GCL Petroleum Investments, has awarded a 313 million dollars bid to another Chinese company, China Oil HBP Group, to commission the Calub and Hilala natural gas fields in the Ogaden basin, it was learnt.

    Supporters, opponents of Ethio-Somali region admin clash in Addis

    While at a gathering at Friendship Hotel in Addis Ababa in two different halls, the supporters and opponents of the administration of the Ethio-Somali Regional State engaged in a clash at the Hotel.

    Defense force intervenes in Assosa’s deadly conflicts

    The Ethiopia Defense Force interfered to deter the deadly ethnic clash that left ten dead and over 40 people injured in Assosa, the seat of the Benishangul Gumuz Regional Administration, in western Ethiopia.

    Clash in Harar’s Hamaressa IDPs camp leaves 4 dead

    Four individuals, including a police officer, died yesterday in a clash between security forces and the youth in Harar, Hamaressa camp that houses Internally...

    UN says million displaced in Oromia-Somali conflict

    A new report jointly released by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA), the National Disaster Risk Management Commission (NDRMC) and International Organization for Migration (IOM) indicated that close to one million people have been displaced due to the conflict along the borders of the Oromia and Ethiopian Somali regional states.


    The business of aid

    Freedom is one of the fundamental rights accorded to humans. People should have the freedom to speak, act and think. But how does one acquire true freedom? I believe that behind freedom, there is power.

    Time for Eritrean troops to leave Ethiopia

    Ever since the federal government of Ethiopia and the...

    EEP awaits ENDF takeover to resume electricity in Mekelle

    Teams are ready to repair damaged electric lines Executives of...

    Confusion reigns over payment system reform

    Gone are the days when a telecom operator solely...