Thursday, February 22, 2024

Tag: Tax

Ministry collects record revenue in a month

The Ministry of Revenues announced that its tax payment campaigns has resulted in the hike of its revenue collection for the month of February as it collected 17.8 billion birr, a record monthly collection its history.

Ministry charges 65 business organizations for tax-fraud, evasion

The Ministry of Revenue (MoR) has officially charged 65 people out of the 105 placed under custody suspected of tax fraud and evasion activities.

Ministry reorganizes tax collection operation

The Ministry of Revenue (MoR) has officially declared it has set up a new wing named – The Office for Partnership on Tax Equity – to serveas a regulatory bodyfor the overall tax collection system, aimed at improving the ailing tax collection system of Ethiopia.

Citywaivers tax claims on 7,800 businesses

The Addis Ababa City Administration has decided to wipe the slate clean for some 6000 category “C” taxpayers who have been in a protracted tax valuation dispute with the city revenue authority; while dropping the charges against additional 1,780 businesses under its tax jurisdiction. 

Gov’t to overhaul logistics sector

As part of the ongoing economic reform program, the Ethiopian government is working to overhaul the national logistics sector, it was learnt.