Saturday, April 20, 2024

Tag: Telecom

Slew of telecom operators vie for Ethiopian market

In a bid to allow two new telecom operators join the Ethiopian telecommunications market, the Ethiopian Telecommunications Authority (ECA), together with the Ministry of Finance, have received expression of interests from major telecom companies.

Telecom operators invited to express interests in Ethiopia

The Ethiopian Telecommunications Authority (ECA) has started accepting proposals and expressions of interest from telecom operators around the world in anticipation of the opening up of the Ethiopian Telecom sector, which is expected to introduce two more new independent operators in addition to the state-owned monopoly— Ethio Telecom.

Ethio Telecom expresses concern on liberalization process

Ethio Telecom, the sole telecom service provider in Ethiopia, this week expressed its concern over the ongoing telecom liberalization process.

Ethio Telecom inches closer to 45 bln birr target revenue

The state-owned telecom operator is about to achieve 25 percent of its ambitious revenue target that will add some nine billion birr more in the current fiscal year.

Telecom liberalization takes critical step

More than 20 international consulting firms have shown keen interest to consult on the partial privatization of the state monopoly, Ethio Telecom.