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Lemn Sissay awarded PEN Pinter Prize

The Ethiopian born British playwright and activist, Lemn Sissay was awarded the 2019 recipient of the PEN Pinter Prize, named in honor of a celebrated Nobel recipient and British playwright Harold Pinter .

Social media based activists mobilize to support IDPs in Addis Ababa

Concerned residents of Addis Ababa have been collecting funds and necessary goods to support internally displaced persons following the ethnically motivated attacks in Burayu town and peripheral areas of Addis Ababa. The violence has led to a reported 17,000 people displaced from their homes.

Setaweet, Yellow movement promote gender equality

Puagume activism, the second installment of social media based campaign to promote gender equality in the country has begun. Organized by Setaweet – a feminist company dedicated to promoting gender equality – and Yellow Movement Addis Ababa University – a gender equality advocacy association based in the university – the movement has been trending on Facebook and Twitter.