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Habesha to launch draught beer

On the hills of a successful launch of the non-alcoholic product line, ‘Negus’, HabeshaBrewaries S.C. – now one of the most recognizable beverage producer in the nation – is set to launch the draught version of its signature beer ‘Habesha beer’later this year, The Reporter has learnt.

Diageo set to tackle underage drinking

Diageo, Ethiopia’s biggest distributer of liquor and producer of Metabeer, is set to collaborate with Collingwood Learning, launching a program to try and end underage drinking in Ethiopia. The new initiative is to reach more than 15,000 people and is to involve 28 schools thorough out the capital.

Ban on alcohol advert to take effect

The proclamation thatseeks to ban any broadcast media advertisement on alcoholic drinks, from 6:00 AM in the morning to 9:00 PM in the evening, will start to take effect starting next month, May 29, 2019, The Reporter has learnt.

Yirga Haile joins Competitive beer industry

Yirga Haile and families, a prominent and widely known name in the business community has now ventured into the beer industry with an investment of 1.5 billion birr in partnership with United Africa Beverages, a Mauritius based beer maker.

Meta tosend team for Maltavator Challenge in SA

Meta Abo Brewery, the Diageo owned company, has picked half a dozen people to represent Ethiopia as part of the Season 2 Maltavator Challenge. The annual event will take place in South Africa and is to be broadcasted across the continent with Pan-African TV.