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Ethiopian Air Force to undergo fleet renewal

The Ethiopian Air Force has proceeded with its fleet modernization program aimed at replacing the aged Soviet Era aircraft; and as part of the renewal program, the Ethiopian Air Force has recently taken delivery of six new German made trainer aircraft.

Cheers all around

Ethiopian Airlines recognized members of Sheba Miles, its frequent-flyer program, as it marks the 20th anniversary of the program. 

Air force plane crash kills two

An Ethiopian Airforce Sukhoi SU27 fighter plane yesterday crashed immediately after takeoff from the Debrezeit air force base, Ethiopia’s main air force base located 50 km Southeast of Addis Ababa, killing two pilots.

260 million reasons to smile

The fastest growing airline in Africa, Ethiopian Airlines, has earned an operating profit of USD 260 million in the 2018-2019 fiscal year that ended in June 2019.

Discrimination allegation hits Ethiopian

Ethiopian Airlines stands accused of discrimination by a Kenyan disability rights activist. The airliner, on response to The Reporter, refused to directly confirm or deny the accusations; but it expressed regret about the incident and said that “it will continue to reach out to the customer and make amends”.