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Vodacom eyes a slice of telecom pie in Ethiopia

With millions of customers within Africa and beyond, Vodacom Group Limited – a South African telecom giant 65 percent of which owned by the multinational Vodafone – became the latest international telecom company to visit Ethiopia as it attempts to bid for the slice of the massive Ethiopian telecommunications sector. 

Labor strikes halt Tecno mobile factory line

With an ambitious goal of exporting its products to neighboring nations to the tune of more than USD 40 million a year and appease the demands of its products simultaneously, the Chinese-owned Transsion – maker of affordable TECNO mobile phones in Ethiopia – is facing its biggest challenge to date.

Communication breakdown

At a time when the country is being rocked by antigovernment protests and violence, the Government of Ethiopia, in an unusual break from its trend, admitted that it is grappling with a massive communications crisis to the extent that most of the problems propagating in the country are mainly attributed to serious communication breakdown between the government and the public.