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Abdi Illey et al appear before court

The former President of the Ethiopian Somali Regional State, Abdi Mohammed Omar (Abdi Illey) and other four high level regional officers have been brought before court today August 29, 2018. The suspects who were detained on August 27 were suspected of misusing the budget allocated for regional development to organizing youth for the purpose of instigate violence and divide the society through religious and ethnic lines which resulted in the death of many people and the burning down of a number of churches in the region.

Bomb attack suspects to be charged

The Federal Attorney General has been given seven days for formally instituting charges on nine suspects of bomb attack at a rally that was held at Meskel Square in support of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) on June 23, 2018. One out of the nine, Tilahun Getachew, is suspected of throwing the bomb while Berhanu Jafar is alleged to have carried the bomb for the former.

Court grants 11 days for investigation on rally bomb attack

The First Instance Court at Lideta granted 11 days for investigation on the suspects of the bomb attack, which includes the former deputy commissioner of the Addis Ababa Police Commission, Girma Kassa, who were detained for not carrying out their duties properly during a rally that was organized to support Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD).

Court grants 14 days on bomb blast suspects' case

The Federal First Instance Court, Lideta Criminal Bench has given police 14 days to complete its investigation on the 26 suspects detained in relation to the Saturday June 24, 2018 bomb explosion at a rally held in support of PM Abiy Ahmed (PhD) at Meskel Square.

The suspects include five commanders, one deputy commander, one deputy inspector, two sergeants, and 16 other individuals.

Court shuts down NY Café

New York Café and Restaurant within the Bole area has been forced to shut down permanently. The eatery was closed by authorities earlier today over dispute with the owner of the building it operates in, Assay Public School.

Assay rented the place to the restaurant and has been fighting the owner of the café for years in court over non-payment the owner’s refusal to leave the property after the expiration of its rental contract.

Thunderous welcome for Andargachew

Andargachew Tsige left prison where he had been on death row on Tuesday, had an audience with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) on Wednesday and left Ethiopia on Thursday and arrived in his adopted nation of Britain on Friday. What a week for the Ethiopian-born Briton!