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Inflation soars to new heights

A new monthly report has indicated that, as of November 2019, the spike in inflation and the cost of living shows no signs of abating, as it did for the past four consecutive months, whereby headline inflation has increased by 20.8 percent.

Inflation surges to seven year high

With no signs of abating, the consumer price index inflation in Ethiopia is reported have reached a seven-year high in the just ended month, intensifying fears that it might exacerbate the already distorted macroeconomic situation in Ethiopia, The Reporter has learnt.

CSA recalls census materials

The Central Statistics Agency (CSA), following the sudden postponement of the Fourth National Housing and Population Census, is forced to recall some of the materials already distributed to a number of regional states, The Reporter has learnt.

Commission pushes Census timetable once more

Following a heated debate between the members of Census Commission which is chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen, the Commission has finally decided to postpone the Fourth National Housing and Population Census until such time that the concerns raised around the Census are addressed, The Reporter has learnt.

Belated census slated for April 2019

After a lengthy delay, the fourth national census is scheduled for April, 2019, The Reporterhas learnt. This was disclosed at a meeting called to officially announce the date of the census, at Sheraton Addis Hotel.

Commission fails to fixNational Censusdate

The fourth national census, which was extended once last year, and slated to be held in the middle of March this year, is yet to receive a formal confirmation from the National Census Commission, The Reporter has learnt.