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Skirmish in Johannesburg leads to arrest of 150 Ethiopians

The Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) is closely following the case of 150 Ethiopians who have been detained as a result of the skirmish between the security forces of South Africa and traders at the Johannesburg Central Business District, the spokesperson of the Ministry said during a media briefing on Friday, August 9 2019.

Welcoming madam president

Days after approving a gender-balanced cabinet, lawmakers of both the upper and lower houses– the House of People’s Representatives (HPR) and the House of the Federation (HoF) unanimously elected Sahlework Zewde as the first female President of Ethiopia, replacing the outgoing president, Mulatu Teshome (PhD).

MoFA discusses foreign relations, diplomatic tour

In its bimonthly press briefing, Meles Alem, the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), discussed the nature of foreign relations and diplomatic activities requiring officials to travel to different countries, and that this does not contradict with the orders of the Prime Minister about cost minimization by reducing or cutting foreign trips by different ministers of the country.

MoFA set for structural reform, to deploy new staff

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) has revealed that it has begun setting a massive structural reform as well as deployments of a new staff that would boost the countries diplomacy to a more advanced level in-line with the country’s diplomatic and security interests in a fast changing global dynamism.

China committed to strengthen relations with Ethiopia

Chairman of the National People's Congress of China (NPC) and speaker of the congress, Li Zhanshu, confirmed that his country is determined to strengthen its diplomatic relations and continue its multi-faceted development support for Ethiopia.

Ethiopia, Russia enter new frontier

It has been a busy diplomatic week as Ethiopia hosted heavyweight diplomats in the capital. In the shadow of the official visit by the United States Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, to the nation, the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, made a working visit highlighting a new partnership with Ethiopia. On areas of trade, nuclear development and academic scholarships for Ethiopians, the minister had a busy two-days in meetings with the leadership of Ethiopia.

State Secretary Tillerson hopes for shorter SoE

The US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson expressed today that he hopes that the government would shorten the time of the state of emergency which has been in effect since February 16, 2018. Tillerson said this at his media briefing along with Workineh Gebeyehu (PhD), Ethiopia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Gov’t repatriates citizens from Libya

Twenty one Ethiopians are set to arrive in Addis Ababa from Libya this evening, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokes Persons’ Office announced in its presser sent to The Reporter. The citizens are said to be received this evening at the Bole International Airport.

MoFA summons diplomat who created ruckus

As Ethiopia moves to solidify its relationship with Turkey and emulate its economical success at home, an Ethiopian member of the diplomatic corps was detained briefly after getting into an accident, allegedly under the influence of alcohol and promising to start a civil war with one of Ethiopia’s strongest allies from the region.