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Belayab to expand into Djibouti

Belayab Foods Production PLC – owners of Pizza Hut and Cold Stone Creamery franchises which opened this morning in Sar Bet – is set to emulate its international brand operation successes in the nation, in neighboring Djibouti.

Burger King to join Ethiopian market

Burger King, an American giant multinational fast food chain restaurant, with a dwindling market share in an ever health conscious and competitive American food market, has teamed up with Belayab Foods Production, owner of Pizza Hut chain restaurants for its operations in Ethiopia.

KFC, Elias Ketema part ways

The deal to bring one of the world’s most successful food franchises to Ethiopia – Kentucky Fried Chicken – by the founder of the posh Italian restaurant Gusto and co-owner of Kaldi’s Cafe, Captain Elias Ketema, has faltered, The Reporter has learnt.

Global franchises challenged by knock-off brands in Ethiopia

Just in time for the opening its belated first Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise in the Addis Ababa and following the opening of two Pizza Hut franchises, Yum! Brands of South Africa, the company behind the famous fast food chain of restaurants, is facing unexpected competition from knock-off restaurants set to open in the Bole area next month, among which is the Kentaki Krunchy Fried Chekin (KKFC).

Pizza Hut ready for business

Almost a year after announcing its entrance in the Ethiopian market and missing its target opening of last November, the first restaurant is set to open on Tuesday inside the NOC building in the CMC area, followed by a satellite restaurant at the Morning Star mall, behind Edna Mall.