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Commission slums AU for ignoring grave rights violations

Launching its second volume of the African Human Rights Yearbook, the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights has published an article that denounced the African Union (AU) for“deliberately”showing reluctance towards grave human rights violations committed by its member states and governments.

On aftermath of controversy, Oxfam reignites activist role

A year after Oxfam admitted of making a “serious error” in the hiring of a dismissed employee stationed in Haiti and rehiring him in Ethiopia accused on sexual violations, the new country director of Oxfam Ethiopia, Gezahegn Kebede Gebrehana, said that the new process put in place has ended the prospect of someone being hired in its local operation.

Ethiopia publicizes UPR report for first time

The Federal Attorney General has publicized the initial draft report of its Universal Periodical Review (UPR) to collect a feedback and additional comments towards enriching the document which is going to be presented to the United Nations Human Right Council in May, 2019. It is the first time for Ethiopia to publicize external party review of its human right track record and to invite the public to comment on HR matters.   

Global Alliance to open office in Addis Ababa

The Global alliance for the Rights of Ethiopians, a human rights advocacy group based in the US—better known for lobbying the US congress regarding the human rights track record of the Ethiopian government— is going to open its office in Addis Ababa next week, The Reporter has learnt.

Lawmakers insist HR 128 helps

Two congress members, Kris Smith and Karen Bass, who have been visiting Ethiopia to assess the “ongoing reforms in the country for the past 120 days,” maintained that the HR 128 resolution passed by the congress will help the government rather than hinder its stride towards reform.