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Karuturi to start afresh in Ethiopia

Passing through turbulent years in Ethiopia, Karuturi Agro Products PLC – a subsidiary of the Indian based Karuturi Global Ltd (KGL) – said it is about to recommence the troubled commercial farms it was forced to abandon in Ethiopia, last year.

Half a million hectare commercial farms lay bare

Following the storms of the 2008 global financial crisis and in the aftermaths of the food and economic crisis; dozens of agricultural firms, both local and foreign, has shown renewed interest in commercial farms where a number of commercial farms decided to invest in Ethiopia leasing some half-a-million hectares of land.

Karuturi contemplates legal recourse for loss in Ethiopia

 Appeals to PM for re-export of farm equipment, cries foul and exits frustrated After a fairly long silence following the takeover of its farms by the Government of Ethiopia, Sai Rama Krishna Karuturi, founder and chief managing director of the Indian Karuturi Group (a parent company of Karuturi Agro Products PLC) wrote to Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn that he and his company wish to exit Ethiopia and appealed to the PM that he will be allowed to re-export his farm equipment back to India.