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Time to reach out

Ethiopia and Kenya are indeed close when it comes to commitments and partnerships having a history that dates back to the time of Jomo Kenyatta and Emperor Haileselassie I. They enjoy a high level of special status agreements. But this has not translated into higher level of cooperation as aspired long-ago, allowing the two countries to have open borders and free movement of people and goods.

UAE beats Ethiopia, four countries to host World Chambers Congress

Despite Ethiopia’s huge interest and campaign to prepare the World Chambers Congress, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been given the chance to host the event, it was learnt.

Ethiopia has been competing with Kenya, The UAE, Oman, Jordan and Iran to prepare the 10th World Chambers Congress; and to help with its bid Ethiopia had submitted its detailed action plans to the World Chamber of Commerce Congress.

Karuturi to start afresh in Ethiopia

Passing through turbulent years in Ethiopia, Karuturi Agro Products PLC – a subsidiary of the Indian based Karuturi Global Ltd (KGL) – said it is about to recommence the troubled commercial farms it was forced to abandon in Ethiopia, last year.

Number of Ethiopians fleeing to Kenya reaches over 9,000

The number of displaced persons, who fled from Ethiopia to Kenya, has passed the 9,000 mark, The Reporter has learnt. In a press release issued by the Kenya Red Cross Society and sent to The Reporter, the figure has escalated to 9,667 as of March 16, 2018. Red Cross has also estimated more people will continue to cross the Ethiopia and Kenya border.

Origin water to expand to Kenya, Djibouti

Based in Alemgena town, Origin Natural Mineral water marked its 10th anniversary and announced it will soon import its packaged water products mainly to neighboring countries including Kenya and Djibouti.