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Abyssinia inks multimillion birr deal

After almostsix months of delay, the Addis Ababa Public Procurement and Property Disposal Agency finally signed a contract agreement worth 172 million birr with a local steel producer, Abyssinia Integrated Steel.

Billion birr rebar bid goes step further

A long overdue procurement of rebar for public housing project is one step ahead as two local companies in the metal industry has accepted the award to supply part of the billion birr rebar contract worth 436 million birr, The Reporter learnt.

Rebar bid worries housing project

The Addisi Ababa City Administration is seeking amicable solutions to the billion birr steel purchase bid intended for the Addis Ababa housing project since it has been in limbo for the past six months.

City rebids billion birr steel procurement

The Addis Ababa Public Procurement and Property Disposal Agency has finally decided to rebid the billion birr rebar purchase after months of back and forth with the company that was awarded the supply contract pursuant to the outcome of the previous bid process.  

Devaluation Shockwaves

Effects of the 15 percent devaluation measure, which was announced last week on Tuesday, are slowly dripping into market. Upon the announcement, economists and commentators opined that implementing the measure at this particular time could have some dire impacts on the normal functions of the market.

City awards 1.23 bln rebar contract to Steely

Steely yet to accept the award Steely RMI PLC is finally awarded the supply contract of 50,084 tons of reinforcement bars at a total price of 1.23 billion birr by the Addis Ababa Public Procurement and Property Disposal Service, this week, it was learnt.  

Steely lists 1.2 bln for rebar bid

Steely RMI Plc, a local steel bar manufacturing company, listed 1.23 billion birr for the supply of 50,084 tones of reinforcement bars for public housing projects in Addis Ababa, it was learnt.