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Authority to brighten dark streets, injects 125 mln birr

Frustrated by misuse  of sidewalks The Addis Ababa City Roads Authority (AACRA), has injected a sum of 125 million birr to brighten up Addis Ababa’s streets by replacing the existing street lights with what is said to be a new energy efficient lamps, LED technology (light-emitting diode), The Reporter has learnt.

Yemeni contractor sues ERA over 153.9 mln birr

The Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA) and HAWK International Finance and Construction Co Ltd, a Yemen-based contractor, have locked horns over 153.9 million birr performance bond which was deposited by the latter as guarantee for 1.1 billion birr road project – Gedo-Fincha-Lemelem Berha Road Upgrading Project – it is undertaking.

Four major roads to link Ethiopia to Djibouti ports

During his visit to Djibouti to share some of the experiences Ethiopia has in the infrastructure sector, Ahmed Shide, Minister of Transport told reporters early this week that the Government of Ethiopia has been constructing roads that links Djibouti to Ethiopia from three directions.