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Truck ban frustrates public, private operators

Despite the increasing number of truck operators complaining over the recent ban on heavy duty trucks from using the city’s roads during daytime, the Addis Ababa City Administration has insisted on implementing the restrictions.

Guinea, Ethiopia agree on bilateral security, air transport et al

Arriving early to attend the 32rd ordinary summit of the African Union (AU), Guinean President Alfa Konde met with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) and inked seven bilateral pacts that involves establishing a Joint Ministerial Commission and Foreign Affairs Partnerships and have agreed to launch air transport links.

Authority to ban Uber-styled transport service

While technological breakthroughs were gradually being introduced to Ethiopia’s metropolitan areas, authorities have placed a major roadblock in this progress by threatening to issue a ban on a recently popularized call and text based transport operations in Addis Ababa, The Reporter has learnt.  

ATCs to go on strike on Monday

Air Traffic Controllers (ATCs) of the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority are planning to go on a strike beginning Monday August 27, 2018 morning due to “unsatisfactory professional recognitions and benefits”.

Bus rapid transit corridor project underway

The rapidly swelling demand for access to transportation has pushed the city to look for additional alternatives giving rise to a EUR 130 million Bus Rapid Transit Corridor (BRT) project under way to be operational in the coming three years, The Reporter has learnt.

ATCs threaten to resign over pay, benefits

Air Traffic Controllers (ATCs), professionals in the aviation sector who have been demanding proper professional recognition, salary increment and other benefits for the past eight years, have now submitted their petition to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD), asking for a swift response to their demands within a month.

Artilleries snatched during the state of emergency

Siraj Fegessa, head of the Secretariat of the Command Post, which was established to oversee the implementation of the state of emergency, who is also Minister of Defense, announced today March 7 that artilleries of security forces have been snatched since the state of emergency was announced. He also said that 17 members of the security have sustained injuries from violent mobs around the country.

Transport service providers in Gambella strike

Transport service providers, specifically bajaj drivers in Gambella town, have suspended their operation starting today in the morning, The Reporter has learnt. According to sources in Gambella, commuters are having difficulties in moving from place to place in the town.

Drone regulation under formulation

National aviation policy to be revised The Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority (ECAA) on Thursday disclosed that it is drafting a drone regulation that enables it to license drones and control its operation.