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UK-led investors explore opportunities in Ethiopia

A team of 25 business delegates led by UK’s Trade Commissioner, Emma—Wade Smith, have met and discussed with more than seven-line ministries and government agencies looking to set foot in the newly rebranded Ethiopia, as the administration of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) introduces a wide raging of economic reforms including partial privatization of some of the biggest State Owned Enterprises (SoE) in Ethiopia.

UN lifts sanctions against Eritrea

United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on Wednesday unanimously voted to lift a range of international sanctions which were imposed on Eritrea almost a decade ago; the decision comes after four months since Eritrea signed a peace agreement with Ethiopia ending the 15 years no-war-no-peace situation between the two countries.

Wheat procurement incurs additional 115 mln birr cost

Months of delays and failure to finalize the national wheat purchase procedure in time have added up to 115 million birr in avoidable cost to the price of wheat which Public Procurement and Property Disposal Service (PPPDS) has planned to procure form the international market, The Reporter has learnt.

Repi waste to energy plant completed

Repi waste to energy plant, the first of its kind in the Africa, has been completed and is set to be inaugurated on Sunday, August 18, 2018.

The project consumed 2.6 billion birr so far and it will have the capacity to provide 185 Giga Watts Hour (GWh) of electricity per year, crushing 1,400 tons of solid waste on a daily basis.

During its lifecycle, the project will create jobs for 1,300 Ethiopians and 286 foreign experts.

UK minister makes commitments, bumps heads with media

High-level visit by the United Kingdom’s International Development Secretary, Penny Mordaunt, this week, concluded with the announcement of a slew of grants, including one worth GBP 115 million with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation and endorsing the reforms of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) on democracy and human rights in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia, UK sign GBP 115 million agreement

The governments of Ethiopia and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, acting though the Department for International Development (DfID), have signed a grant agreement of GBP 115 million at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation (MoFEC) today.

UK foreign Secretary drags Ethiopia in Salisbury controversy

As the United Kingdom (UK) continues to accuse Russia of using a nerve agent attack as an attempt to assassinate one-time Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter within the soils of the United Kingdom, the UK is hoping Ethiopian new Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) will sway their way and support them in their drive to isolate Russia at the United Nations Security Council, which Ethiopia is a temporary member.