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The stars of ‘hope’

It happened sometime back. I was walking in the Piazza area with nothing particular in mind when I came across a lady I know arguing with a street vendor.

Get me a ‘lobbyist’

I must get me a lobbyist. I haven’t yet figured out what exactly he’ll be lobbying about. How about something like, “He is the smartest soul in the country and they are denying him the chance to prove it.

The all-knowing barber

“Hello!” “Hello; it has been a long time since you last came. Where have you been?” “It has been only a month!” “For a haircut, a month is too long.”

The car ‘makes’ the man!

“Four hundred thousand birr! Did I hear you say that?” “Yes, you did? “Are you telling me he bought a car for four hundred thousand birr?” “You heard me right.”