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The transitional justice policy ratified by the Council of Ministers this week will apply retroactively as far back as 1995, when the Ethiopian constitution was ratified. However, the investigation and prosecution of human rights violations will go as far back in time as evidence allows, according to the policy document...


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Video from Enat Bank Youtube Channel.


Ethiopia drives toward automotive future as Toyota talks continue

Ethiopia is putting increased pressure on Toyota to decide on a manufacturing plant, with negotiations between the two dragging on for over a year. Officials are aggressively pursuing other major automakers and preparing industry policies to attract multinational vehicle manufacturers to establish local production.

The World Bank has suspended new public financing to Uganda

The World Bank has suspended new public financing to Uganda in response to the country’s controversial Anti-Homosexuality Act. In a statement released on August...

Women artists fight for survival amidst challenges

Women have had to carve a path for themselves in most modern-day professions and Art and Entertainment are no exception. Originally dominated by male...
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When Money Smells

In recent years, the Vrije Universiteit (Free University) Amsterdam has conducted research on human rights in China.

Realism about Foreign-Policy Realism

In a world of sovereign states, foreign-policy decisions naturally should account for national interests and the broader balance of power.

A melting pot of cultures breeds a strong nation

All the strong nations we know today are the results of the Melting Pot Theory.
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Toward Revitalizing Pan-Africanism

In the wake of decolonization, Pan-Africanism emerged as a rallying undercurrent for many patriots in the continent.


Procrastination is one of those terms which I have always found difficult to remember, to say, and write about; in English, of course.

“Foreign Ethiopian players were ready to join the national team,” David Basha

It has been more than seven years since he started scouting foreign Ethiopian players. Before he came to Ethiopia, he finished his studies in football management in Germany.
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Waning use of condom, surging HIV

The 1990s was a difficult period for Ethiopians. Many lost their families, loved ones and neighbors, as HIV/AIDS reached its peak in the country.



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