Saturday, April 1, 2023


Toward Revitalizing Pan-Africanism

In the wake of decolonization, Pan-Africanism emerged as a rallying undercurrent for many patriots in the continent.


Procrastination is one of those terms which I have always found difficult to remember, to say, and write about; in English, of course.

“Foreign Ethiopian players were ready to join the national team,” David Basha

It has been more than seven years since he started scouting foreign Ethiopian players. Before he came to Ethiopia, he finished his studies in football management in Germany.
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Waning use of condom, surging HIV

The 1990s was a difficult period for Ethiopians. Many lost their families, loved ones and neighbors, as HIV/AIDS reached its peak in the country.

School of clouds

The Pandemic has truly revolutionized the way student learns. Causing a sudden shift in education, in many parts of the globe, some are wondering whether the adoption of online learning will continue to persist in post-pandemic era and how such a shift would impact the future of education.

Digitizing the remittance market

Beyene, a marketing consultant whose last name is withheld upon request, never wanted to go to the parallel market to withdraw money sent from...
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Transactional politics

“No more blank cheques for Trump’s favorite dictator,” said Joe Biden’s statement back in July 2020, when he was running for the Oval Office. He criticized the Egyptian government for “arresting, torturing, and exiling Egyptian citizens and threatening their families.”

Saving the Private Sector: A lifetime struggle

Berhane Mewa is not only the former president of the Ethiopian and Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations, but is also a lifetime patriot in Ethiopia’s private sector struggles against state domination in the economy.

Traceability prevents meat exporters from reaching Europe, North American markets

Lack of traceability has prevented abattoirs involved in the export of meat from shipping to European and Chinese markets.
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British mining firm decides to pull out of Ethiopia

The British mining firm, NewAge has pulled-out of Ethiopia after the Ministry of Mines rejected the company's request to extend its license. 
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