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A new nature-based food and land use economy

“All my kids can go to school now, whereas before I might only have been able to send one” reports Balaynesh Kasa, a farmer in Debre Yakob Watershed, close to Bahir Dar town, in Amhara Regional State, Ethiopia, and mother to four children.

A turning point for development aid

Since the 1960s, more than USD 4.6 trillion (in constant 2007 dollars) in gross bilateral and multilateral official development assistance (ODA) has been transferred to low-income countries.

Another year of living dangerously

The year 2019 is ending with widespread demonstrations, rising inequality, and a crisis of representation in many countries. The world is sleepwalking toward recession and a new crisis, while depleting the environment.

Empty gestures on climate change

Switch to energy-efficient light bulbs, wash your clothes in cold water, eat less meat, recycle more, and buy an electric car: we are being bombarded with instructions from climate campaigners, environmentalists, and the media about the everyday steps we all must take to tackle climate change.

The Post-American Middle East

It was August 5, 1990, just days after Saddam Hussein’s Iraq had invaded and conquered all of Kuwait, and US President George H.W. Bush could not have been clearer as he spoke from the South Lawn at the White House: “This will not stand, this aggression against Kuwait.”