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Change is a collective enterprise

Corresponding to the PM’s audacious promises of change, Ethiopians would like to see institutional establishments that can effectively put the promises on ground. Unless institutionalized, ideas of a ‘great leader’ will end up in disarray.

Journalism education and practice in Ethiopia in catch-22 situation

Without marginalizing other important factors, it is possible to claim that the poor journalism practice in Ethiopia may partly be the outcome of poor journalism education – that might fail to understand the profession in line with the socio-political and economic context of the country, writes Kibrom Berhane.

Strengthening African science

Any good leader knows that scientific discovery and innovation fuels progress, facilitates development, and can help tackle issues like food insecurity, water shortages, and climate change.

Nourishing cities with nature

As rates of urbanization increase globally, city planners are working to reverse decades of reckless growth by returning nature to the built environment.