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Returning to Multilateralism

COVID-19 has shone a light on the acute vulnerabilities of a deeply interconnected world. No country, regardless of its size, wealth, or technological sophistication, can tackle this crisis alone.

The illusion of unique identity in Ethiopia

Identity can be a complicated matter. Wittgenstein, the great philosopher (quoted by Amartya Sen) once remarked that “there is no finer example of useless proposition” than saying that something is identical to itself.

Political questions of Oromos: Inescapable reality

Through the last few centuries and during the last twenty seven years the Oromo has seen their institutions of self-government undermined, leadership liquidated or co-opted, territory divided, social cohesion disrupted, cultural institutions damaged, resources plundered, traditional religious practices interfered with, and population severely affected through a combination of factors including brutal warfare and natural calamities, which accompanied that warfare.

Digital finance is the key to post-pandemic development

“We are experiencing the sharpest decline in per capita income since 1870,” United Nations Secretary-General (UNSG) António Guterres pointed out in a recent speech, warning that the COVID-19 crisis has put 70-100 million people at risk of being pushed into extreme poverty.

Abiy’s challenges and mistakes

Abiy’s political skills will be measured by the tactic how he balances the challenges from Amhara and Oromo nationalisms. He has to strike a balance between these two interests within his party.