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Building Africa’s scientific talent

Ten years ago, a top South African physicist called on Africa’s educators to nurture scientific achievement by improving the capabilities of the continent’s youngest researchers.

Freedom of speech and expression, is there limitation?

At this stage of Ethiopian political reform – which is the most desired and acceptable move by the government – it shouldn’t be missed that some people are losing sight of freedom of speech and expression and equating it to freedom of lawlessness and anarchy, writes Sisay Woldemichael.

Africa must act against child obesity

The “fast food” generation is now a reality in many of our urban cities. With all the trappings of modernisation, our children are no longer making the right healthy food choices and spend hours of their time on digital games and television.

Rethinking animal agriculture

The production of meat and dairy products is both highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change and a key contributor to the problem.