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Power to the people?

People all over the world are resorting to mass demonstrations to express grievances and press unmet demands.

Making the invisible visible

The future of work may be the defining issue of our time. Africa will fast become the world’s workforce and 375 million young Africans will enter labor markets by 2030.

Africa’s disengaged youth

With almost 60 percent of its population under the age of 25, Africa is the world’s youngest region. Yet it is widely recognized that young people are often left behind.

We say no to political anarchy

I wish there was another way of starting my article, but I am not going to pretend – Ethiopia is in deep political and socio-economic crisis.

A “true” industrial policy for all

In the January 1954 issue of The Atlantic, John F. Kennedy, then the junior US senator from Massachusetts, argued that the ongoing migration of industries from New England to the American South should not be hindered.

Preventing the next pandemic

Imagine the following scenario. In a matter of days, a lethal influenza pandemic spreads around the world, halting trade and travel, triggering social chaos, gutting the global economy, and endangering tens of millions of lives.

Can a West African currency union work?

The 15 countries of the Economic Community of West African States have agreed to adopt, as of next year, a new shared currency, the “ECO.” But, as the eurozone’s experience has shown, currency unions can be unwieldy.